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MAXFIN ORIGINAL and MAXFIN ALUME now in 250 ml tubs. 25 September 2019
<p> MAXFIN ORIGINAL Metal Polish is available in 250 ml tubs.</p> <p> MAXFIN ORIGINAL Metal Polish an all time favourite !</p> <p> Designed for use by hand with a cloth, it has no harmful ammonia or alcohol.</p> <p> MAXFIN ORIGINAL Metal Polish removes oxidation and tarnish from stainless, chrome, brass leaving a bright clean finish.</p> <p class="page_intro_text"> Use for those jobs that you cannot mechanically polish due to accessibility or low volumes.</p> <p> MAXFIN ALUME Polish for a finer, brighter finish on stainless, chrome and brass, and also really great on Aluminium.</p> <p> MAXFIN ALUME Metal Polish is ideal as a fine polish for Brass, Copper, Chrome and Aluminium.  It should be used with a fine cotton or microfibre cloth</p> <p> Both products are available direct from Lea Manufacturing for £8.74 plus VAT plus P & P for 250mls.</p>