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Cutting Bars that give fantastic colour 20 March 2020
<p> Developed with modern abrasives and an advanced binder system to give great cut with good colour suitable for stainless steels and other metals.</p> <p> <strong><em>Pristine</em></strong> has high cut with some colour ideal for profiled parts and stainless steel tubes such as polishing handrails.</p> <p> <strong><em>Pristine</em></strong> is a soft bar that cleans easily and reduces overheating on aluminium polishing.</p> <p> <strong><em>Splendour</em></strong> has some cut but with a higher colour. Ideal for flatter parts where finish is important. <strong><em>Splendour</em></strong> is a hard bar that give extended life and work well on brass polishing.</p> <p> <p> These polishing bars for steel, brass, and aluminium are a step forward from the old grey and brown bars and provide cut, colour and cleanliness.</p> <p> The clean finish and good colour means that further steps of the process (such as buffing and cleaning) are not always needed, generating further savings in the polishing process.</p> <p> The bars are available from our Sales Office (<a href="mailto:sales@lea.co.uk">sales@lea.co.uk</a> or 0845 1300988) or official Distributor.</p>