Compound Application Systems

In traditional manual polishing and, indeed, in some more basic semi-automated systems, compounds are applied to the mops by hand - pressing the solid compound into the mop, or applying liquid compounds to the mop or the component being polished by low pressure spray or squeegee bottle. However, such techniques are usually inappropriate for automated polishing machines.

For solid bar compounds automated application consists of a bar carrier and an automated feeder that incrementally pushes the bar by pneumatics or another mechanical device to touch the buff at preset intervals.

Bars are produced in different sizes, as required by the configuration of the mop heads. A maximum bar size of 500x150x40 mm can be accommodated by standard bar feeders, but feeders for larger or special shapes of bar can be custom made. Using solid compound with automatic bar feeders is a relatively clean method but is difficult to control.

For more accurate application an automated liquid high pressure spray system should be used. This allows a more consistent coverage of a buff head and a better control of dosage.

Dosage can be varied by changing the weight of compound delivered in each shot and by altering the time interval between these shots.

Typically, shot volumes may be from 0.2 – 6 mm3 and spray frequency from 3 to 30 seconds.  With a spray system, buffs can also be set up at various angles and unusual configurations without the problem of fitting bar carriers into awkward aspects.  The liquid polishing compound may be held in a pressure pot and delivered to the spray gun by pneumatic pressure, or, for high throughput installations mechanically pumped direct to the spray gun from a larger holding tank or even its original container, usually a 1,000Kg IBC.

In this area we also draw upon the experitise of our technology partners Widoberg,
who have been successfully working in the field of surface technology as a partner to the grinding and polishing industry since 1981.

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