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Car interior polished finish Polished Aluminium Truck Wheel

Lea's Liquid and Solid Polishing and Buffing Compounds deliver the effiiency and quality of performance demanded by the Automotive sector, both inside and outside the vehicle.

Inside, wooden veneers, door fixtures and polymer coated fittings get a glossy, maximum impact finish courtesy of Lea products and the same is true of the gleaming treadplates which are the signature finish of prestige marques.

The roof rails on estate cars and 4 x 4 vehicles also get the Lea finishing touch, as do design features such as the roof structure on contemporary sports coupes.

A big application for Lea products, and we do mean big, is the aluminium truck wheels on the wagons which keep products and services on the move across the country and continents, whilst on two wheels motorcycle exhausts and bike trims are polished by Lea Liquid and Solid compounds before plating,

To explore the Lea products which are most commonly and effectively used in this industry sector, please use the links below.

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