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News Flash! Or should that be DeFlash? 07 June 2018

Introducing Deflash

A large British multinational plc approached us for help with their increasing energy bills from their finishing department.

After the eradication of some dangerous cleaning chemicals their cleaning tank had to be set at high temperatures leading to soaring energy bills. They had to use extra grease on fine brushes to obtain removal of the lines created by a casting process without losing any shape definition of the part.

In conjunction with the customer Lea developed a compound that provides a modern solution for the problem of deflashing and deburring complex shapes. It uses high quality abrasives which have been blended with superior low temperature waxes to maintain component definition that crucially cleans off in low temperature baths without the need for chemicals.

If removing machining burrs and flash lines from casting and moulding are part of your process and cleaning costs are a concern to you please get in touch with our office or your regular contact to obtain a sample