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Polished solution for orthopaedics manufacturer

A request from a major manufacturer of orthopaedic devices for a bovine-free polishing compound has resulted in a market-leading product range and provides an excellent example of Lea Manufacturing's ability to innovate and assist with  process improvement....

The request that we received was for the development of a bovine- free polishing compound to be used for the manual polishing of knee joints.  Working closely with the manufacturer, our laboratory developed a two-stage manual polishing process for fine finishing of knee joints.

Having identified novel raw materials that contained no animal tissue, we adapted our product formulas to incorporate those materials. We also researched the relevant legislation and advised the customer at all stages of the development process, helping them to eliminate the requirement for complex risk assessments to comply with European Directives.

Further work in our laboratory produced bar and liquid compounds for all stages of their finishing processes, including those for use with  the customer’s robotic and automatic polishing systems. We even developed bar compound specifically to fit their existing bar applicators!

Subsequently these compounds have been adopted as almost 'industry standard' in the finishing of medical, orthopaedic and dental devices throughout Britain and Ireland and now form the basis of our Medimax range of animal tissue-free compounds, in both bar and liquid form.

For other manufacturers in this sector we have continued to further develop the products to suit their particular processes.

We remain the only UK-based manufacturer of animal tissue-free polishing compounds.

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