We are at the cutting edge of surface engineering technology supplying most sectors of industry. We pride ourselves on supplying creative solutions to your surface engineering problems. Kevin Thurlow
Managing Director
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Lea Manufacturing is the UK's leading producer of abrasive polishing compounds and speciality barrelling and tumbling products.

But we don't just make effective products. We work
in partnership with our clients to develop solutions
which deliver significant process and
productivity improvements.

Solutions for Manufacturing Premium Giftware - polished to perfection

With our expertise sharply focused on excellence in production and logisitics, we combine our own manufacturing capabilities with strategic partnerships with world class suppiers such as 3M, Hermes and SHL. The result is an unbeatable range of products, combining advanced technology and long-standing expertise - and designed to deliver superb surface engineering.


Our technology is both home-grown and sourced world-wide. We constantly monitor developments and seek out the best available technology from global sources, using it to supplement our own unrivalled technical support. It's a policy which positions us at the cutting edge of technology in most sectors of the surface engineering industry and from which our customers can only benefit.

Distribution and Sales

We sell both direct to the end user and through a world-wide chain of distributors.
You can find our global distributors on this website. View Worldwide Distributors >>>

Exports account for around 35% of our sales.

In the UK, we have technical sales experts covering the whole of the country, offering help and advice to users and distributors alike.


We operate from two sites within the UK.

Our headquarters are in Buxton, Derbyshire; it is here that the research and development, production and distribution facilities for our polishing compounds and related products are based, together with group sales, customer support, administration and accounting functions.

We also have a buff manufacturing division in Bilston called Merridale-Laycock Ltd.

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