History, Present and Future

History, Present & Future

Lea Manufacturing was founded about 100 years ago in Connecticut USA, manufacturing greaseless polishing bars for a wide range of applications that we still make today with more modern formulations.

In 1955 Lea Manufacturing Co of England was established by Frank Anderson as an international manufacturer and supplier of Lea Compound, grease bars known as Learok, and water based emulsion polishes known as Liquabrade.

Based in Buxton, in the heart of England, after occupying different premises in the town we moved to a purpose built factory in 1970, which allowed us to invest in up to date laboratory facilities for research and development and new production equipment.

Lea also developed a Chemical division specialising in the production of electroless plating chemistry, passivates, brighteners and cleaners.

In the 1980s Lea Manufacturing Co of England became independent of the original USA company, which allowed us to pursue acquisition of other polishing compound brands such as Mastral, Royce, Emslie Fallows and Hufton and their unique technologies and also develop the business into new markets with new products.

Into the new millennium with a new generation of ownership – Kevin Thurlow and Rebecca Kennington – our mission continues to be to supply the highest quality, consistent polish to ensure maximum efficiency of process helping give advantage and stability to our customers and Lea.

Lea’s progress has been market driven, allowing us to look more and more into applications around the globe and our core products have become a range of Polishing compounds that have been developed with our customers to be specifically oriented towards modern materials and applications.

We have developed an expertise in exports from our factory in the heart of England to over 40 countries worldwide.

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