Laboratory Research and Development, Branding

Laboratory and Research & Development

Our technical department work with customers to evolve our existing polishes and develop new products to meet their requirements.

We have an in-house testing facility which is used to maintain quality, consistency but also to assess new research and development.

The tests we carry out include reflectance to determine colour or shine, precision weighing to determine cut, microscopes to determine scratch pattern, viscometers to determine flow and emulsion stability.

We are constantly abreast of the latest market technologies in terms of processes, materials and techniques and creating products to fit whatever need is required.

Additionally we test any new raw materials that become available so we can incorporate the best abrasive and binder technology into our polishing compounds.

Own Label Branding

For many years we have packaged in distributors and resellers own packaging or own labels.

We also use mouldings which can stencil your name or logo into the bars.

We are always happy to discuss individual customer requirements in terms of own labels and moulding brands and logos and also special sizes and shapes, all of which may be subject to technical constraints and/or tooling costs.

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