Process Improvement and Training

Process Improvement

A polished finish can be achieved in a myriad of ways. Who is to say which way is right or wrong?

Often there is more than one good route to the final finish that a customer requires, but this is dependent on so many factors – the material, the part, the functions required in that industry, the equipment available, the volume of parts, the budget available, the skills available, the timeframe, the space.

Lea strive to provide our customers with a better way of getting the results they need.

Optimisation of the polishing process has to happen in the round with consideration to up-line processes such as sanding, linishing and down-line processes such as cleaning, plating or anodizing.

Reject costs, sanding costs, cleaning costs, polishing costs must all be considered together and Lea can help provide the high quality and consistent polishing compounds to benefit the surrounding processes.

Consideration has to be given to how much cleaning is needed after the polishing and the energy costs of that cleaning.

The surface that is left will also implicate how many rejects occur post plate and further down the line.

To achieve this optimisation the most appropriate automation system and polishing equipment should be used.

Our laboratory can assist optimisation projects in order to find the most efficient sequence of sanding and polishing.

Following testing we can advise on the best techniques and polishing compounds to move your business forward.

New processes may require training to maximise efficiency.

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Improving knowledge and technique, exchanging experiences, troubleshooting and top tips – are just some of the advancements that can be gained from training.

Technical managers, team leaders and operators can all benefit from sharing our knowledge, resources and ideas - and we welcome the exchange of experiences.

Firstly identify what training is needed, which can be theoretical or practical; plant based or at our facilities; advice at a sales visit or formally structured.

Once decided the best way forward please ask our sales staff so we can organise the best team member to help you.

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