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Barrelling is the most cost effective method of finishing high volume small parts. The materials that are suitable are acrylic, nylon but also wood and horn and even some die castings work well.

Our Emslie Fallows range are designed to work on barrels that slowly turn and slide the parts through gentle abrasive coated wooden media. The coating is achieved by using our special pastes or by an abrasive powder with binding fluid. The overall effect is gentle but over time can leave a beautiful finish.

Parts that suit the barrelling process well include buttons, spectacle frames, fasteners, clothing accessories, jewellery, toy and game parts.

It is a long process (each stage may be up to 24 hours) but after loading requires no operator input.

Depending on the initial condition and the required finish between a single and four stage process may be needed from roughing, smoothing, honing and polishing.

The media choice is dictated by the shape and weight of the part, a combination may be used to get best results. The cubes give the weight behind the finish and are ideal for low profile parts, where shapes are highly profiled they may need to be used in conjunction with appropriate pegs. The wooden pieces are made from long lasting hard wood that will last many years.

The following grades of polish and media are available - View Table >

Barrelling Paste Product Information Table

Product Description
Stage 1 - Roughing
EF AP 8 Very coarse roughing powder
EF AP 5 Coarse roughing powder
EF AP 3 Medium roughing powder
EF CO 1 Binding Fluid
Stage 2 - Smoothing
EF 5 Smoothing paste
EF 2 Smoothing paste for small parts
EF AP 4 Smoothing powder
EF CO 1 Binding fluid
Stage 3 - Honing
EF P 10 Honing paste
EF T1 Smoothing cream for small parts
EF AP 1 Very fine powder
EF CO 1 Binding fluid
Stage 4 - Polishing
EF 10 Polishing paste
EF NS Polishing paste for small parts
Media (pegs and cubes)
Diamonds Heavy duty roughing and smoothing
10mm cubes Largest parts
8mm cubes Large parts low profile
6mm cubes General purpose
5mm cubes Medium
4mm cubes Small parts
6/6/15 pegs 6mm x 15mm for large parts
B3 pegs 4mm x 12mm wedges
No1 pegs 3mm x 8mm pegs

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