Bobbing greases are lubricants that are used with abrasive belts, plastibrade, scurfs and bobs. They reduce heat and allow the abrasive tool to supply a more consistent finish throughout its life.

It may help extend that life too by reducing the aggression of early heavy cut passes. Any lubricant will give a slightly finer, less aggressive finish.

For automatic machines using coated abrasive belts or wheels, 81 is a lubricant that allows automatic spray dosing whilst being clean and without clogging.

Bobbing Grease bars (N, Lubar, 37, 58) are 500g and boxed in 40’s (20kg).

Bobbing Grease Liquid is available in 200 kg or 25 kg.

Available in the following grades - View Table >

Polishing Lubricant Product Information Table

Product Description
N Hard grease bar for low rake parts
Lubar Medium grease bar
37 Soft grease bar for high rake parts
58 Medium animal-free bar for medical industry
81 Liquid bobbing grease for auto application

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