Polishing Pastes


Polishing pastes also known as emulsions or liquids are the best way to polish large volume parts in conjunction with advanced machinery.

They are primarily used in automatic applications where a machine needs to dose the mop head or where a mop head is too large for the operator to interact with.

This method enables precise dosing to give the best consistency and repeatability in precision and high volume parts and is a safer form of application in mechanical polishing.

The emulsion technology is technically more demanding than grease bars and an advanced binder system blending vegetable and animal greases with refined paraffin waxes allow both the required lubrication and enhance the product stability.

Our experience of working with customers in a wide range of industries and our own R&D have allowed us to form some of the most application designed polishing emulsions available to industry throughout the world.

Pack sizes available are 25 kg, 250 kg, or 1200 kg.

The regular and consistent dosing of pastes through a spray system allows a very consistent surface finish and the input of a plc if required to alter the dosage over a cycle. Machine application reduces the need for labour interaction with the machinery.

Our water based emulsions differ from some polishes that are available which are suspensions of abrasive within oil and solvents and have major fire and health hazards associated. Our aqueous emulsions will burn off the water on initial contact giving a perfect head as soon as the polishing starts rather than the alternatives that have an abundance of oil.

Below is a list of our commonly available products - View Table >

Polishing Paste Product Information Table

Product Description Cut Colour
Titan FP Heavy lined finish 10 2
Titan Satin finish 9 2
Hercules Aggressive flatting steel 9 3
Steelmax Cut & some brightness 8 5
Glomax Cut & colour steel 7 6
Brimax Bright cut aluminium extrusion 8 7
Orion Cut & colour aluminum & steel 7 7
REB2 Cut/colour non-ferrous alloys 7 9
Sunblue Finishing compound steel 7 7
Concord Finishing compound aluminium 6 8
Glowhite Buffing 4 8
MUH20 Steel & aluminium pressings colouring 3 9
Chromax Clean colouring 2 9
Plastimax Glossing plastics 1 10

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