Lea Manufacturing have developed high-tech binder systems combined with fast working abrasives for the special requirements of Aluminium polishing.

Aluminium is lightweight, strong and durable, it has corrosion resistance and a good appearance helping it to be the second most widely used metal in the world.

Its wide use includes automotive industries, aerospace, transport, building construction, household items such as kitchenware, machinery and packaging.

Aluminium is technically difficult to polish and requires high quality polishing compounds. Abrasives must be of the highest quality to avoid marks after anodising and the binder systems of compounds need to give enough lubricity to prevent overheating and the dragging of “fishtails”.

Cast Aluminium would normally be pre-polished with belts or scurfs from 120 to 240 grit, a bobbing grease such as Lubar or 81 can be used to prevent dragging of the finer grits, from then it can be polished.

Extruded Aluminium doesn’t normally need pre-polishing (unless it has undergone a lot of stress from stretching and shaping) and can go straight to a polishing stage.

For manual polishing of high profiled Aluminium use Sunshine as an excellent quick cut with colour compound if more aggression is needed Pristine with a ventilated No 1 bias mop and if more colour is required use Atlas with a loosefold Zeta buff followed by Chromax with a loosefold DG buff if required.

For flatware and other parts that are low rake Tripomax E gives fantastic cut and colour.

Take a look at the tables below to find out more about each of them - View Table >

Aluminium Material Information Table

High Rake Description Mop Hardness Grease Cut Colour
Pristine Good cut Ventilated Soft - medium Dry 8 7
Sunshine Single stage Ventilated Medium Medium 7 7
Atlas Colour Ventilated Soft - medium Medium 7 8
Vulcan Colour Ventilated Soft Greasy 7 8
Nico Pink Buffing DG Soft Greasy 2 9
Low Rake Description Mop Hardness Grease Cut Colour
Splendour Good cut Ventilated Hard Dry 8 7
Tripomax E Cut with colour Ventilated Medium - hard Dry 7 7
Midas Single stage Ventilated Medium Dry 7 7
Jupiter Buffing DG Medium Medium 2 9
For auto polishing of Aluminium we recommend the following liquids and auto feed bar.
Product Description Cut Colour
Brimax Quick cut and colour for extrusions 8 7
Concord Finishing and flatware 5 8
FM 10 Casting and general purpose polishing 8 6
REB2 Polishing high rake pressings 7 8
FM 30 General purpose buffing 4 8
MUH20 Glossing 3 9
AUTO AL Bar for auto feed polishing 6 7

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