Brass and Copper Alloys

Brass Alloys

Brasses are a family of alloys that are primarily Copper alloyed with Zinc.

There are many forms of brass with different minor additional materials such as Lead, Tin, Aluminium, Iron. These different brasses have different properties such as malleability, castability, corrosion resistance, fatigue strength.

These attributes mean brass is widely used in plumbing and electrical fittings. They also have a decorative nature and low frictional attributes which lend themselves to everything from door furniture and locks to musical instruments.

The different attributes mean the alloys may require different polishing processes.

Brass will also tarnish when exposed so is sometimes plated or lacquered.

Castings are often pre-polished with belts or scurfs from 120 grit up to 240 grit to remove any cast lines. Bobbing Greases (N or 58) can be used on the finer grades.

Stampings and pressings may not need pre-polishing or just for flashes or rough edges.

Splendour works well where a quick cut is required, Tripomax E is excellent on flatware if less aggression is required.

Midas is ideal where long smooth surfaces are being polished.

Tripomax Super leaves a clean finish which is perfect for a lot of requirements.

Chromax with a loosefold DG or Luxol buff for final finishing before plating or lacquering.

Luminex can be used where an exceptional gloss is required before lacquering.

Take a look at the tables below to find out more about each of them - View Table >


Copper is in Group 11 of the Periodic Table along with Silver and Gold consequently it has special properties such as high conductivity of both electricity and heat, a unique colour and is extremely malleable.

Copper is most widely used in electricity and electronic industries and in roofing but also is seen in plumbing, household goods and more decorative items.

To improve hardness and wear it is usually deposited on to a substrate or alloyed with other metals.

For manual polishing of Copper use Pristine with a ventilated mop and if more colour is required use Atlas or Chromax with a loosefold delta buff.

It should be noted that copper will develop a patina over time due to exposure to Oxygen or other substances. To be kept shiny it can be coated with Finishing Wax.

Take a look at the tables below to find out more about each of them - View Table >

Brass and Copper Alloy Material Information Table

Brass Alloys
Product Description Mop Hardness Grease Cut Colour
Senior Heavy cut Ventilated Medium Medium 8 4
Splendour Quick cut & colour c/s or vent Hard Dry 7 6
153 Cut & some colour c/s or vent Hard Dry 8 7
Midas Cut and colour c/s or vent Medium Medium 7 7
Tripomax E Flatware colour Ventilated Medium - hard Dry 7 7
Tripomax Super Colour Ventilated Soft - medium Medium 6 8
Nico Pink Buffing DG / Luxol Soft Greasy 2 9
Luminex Glossing Luxol Soft Medium 1 10
For auto polishing of Brass we recommend the following liquids and auto feed bar.
Product Description Cut Colour
REB2 Brass polishing 6 7
MUH20 Buffing 3 8
Auto BZ Bar for auto feed polishing 7 7
Product Description Mop Hardness Grease Cut Colour
Pristine Good cut Ventilated Soft - medium Dry 8 7
Atlas Colour Delta Soft - medium Medium 7 8
Nico Pink Buffing Delta Soft Greasy 2 9

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