Plastics and Other Materials

Plastics and Other Materials

Hard plastics that are thermosetting can generally be polished to improve appearance and/or function.

Acrylics, nylons, amines, phenols can all benefit from being polished.

Lacquers can be finely glossed with Lacquerbrite, a compound that has very little cut.

Thermoplastics which soften and deform under heat are not always capable of being polished. If so they need to be polished with care – slow buff speeds, large buff diameters and open constructions such as ventilated and loosefold are imperative to reduce heat.

Amongst other materials that can be polished are horn, wood, bone, gemstones and granite. For these Plastimax and Tripomax Super may be appropriate. For a full recommendation you can contact our Laboratory with a sample of the part.

Take a look at the tables below to find out more about each of them - View Table >

Plastics & Other Material Information Table

Product Description Mop Hardness Grease Cut Colour
153 Cut & some colour DG Hard Dry 8 7
Tripomax Super Colour DG Soft - medium Medium 6 8
Plastimax Buffing DG / Luxol Soft Greasy 3 7
Lacquerbrite Glossing Luxol Soft Medium 1 10

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