Zinc Alloys


Zinc alloys have become the most widespread used castings across the world due to their durability, stability and ability to be cast into complex shapes allowing for mass manufacturing.

Their usage includes household goods, plumbing parts, locks, handles, zips, toys, fishing reels and firearms.

Zinc based alloys include Zamak (Mazak)

They are often pre-polished with belts or scurfs of 180 or 240 grit to remove any cast lines.

Splendour works well for most Zinc based Died Castings, Tripomax E if less aggression is required.

For castings with a lot of rake effect 153 and Atlas give better mop adhesion followed by Chromax with a loosefold DG buff if necessary.

Take a look at the tables below to find out more about each of them - View Table >

Zinc Alloy Material Information Table

High Rake Description Mop Hardness Grease Cut Colour
Pristine Cut on profiles Ventilated Medium Dry 8 5
153   Ventilated     7 6
Atlas Colour Ventilated Soft - medium Medium 7 8
Nico Pink Buffing DG Soft Greasy 2 9
Low Rake Description Mop Hardness Grease Cut Colour
Splendour Good cut Ventilated Hard Dry 8 7
Tripomax E Cut with colour Ventilated Medium - hard Dry 7 7
Jupiter Buffing DG Medium Medium 2 9
For auto polishing of Zinc alloys we recommend the following liquids and auto feed bar.
Product Description Cut Colour
FM10 Zinc die cast heavy polishing 7 6
REB2 Zinc die cast polishing 6 7
AUTO BZ Bar for auto feed polishing 7 7

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