Exotic Alloys

Exotic Alloys

Exotic Alloys is a term used to describe metal alloys that offer enhanced performance attributes such as strength and durability. They can also display resistance to corrosion and deformation at extreme pressures and temperatures.

Titanium alloys, Nickel-Chromium alloys, Cobalt-Chromium alloys can all be categorised as such. Others may feature Molybdenum or Iridium. They may have trade names such as Inconel or Monel.

Their application is found in many high tech industries such as aerospace, oil and gas, surgery, toolmaking etc.

The alloys can be designed to have specific functionality such as smoothness, accuracy, resistance to fracture and cracks.

Such alloys can require the most narrow distribution width of abrasive particles and highly consistent polishing compounds.

The best quality sharp abrasives can help prevent overheating which may deform some alloys.

Due to the exceptional hard wearing, smooth properties of some alloys they are used in othopaedics for which we have developed an animal free range.

Take a look at the tables below to find out more about each of them - View Table >

Exotic Alloy Material Information Table

Product Description Mop Hardness Grease Cut Colour
Ferrocut Heavy cut preparation Sisal Soft Greasy 10 2
Abracut Cut from 180 grit Sisal Soft Greasy 9 3
Pristine Cut/colour 240 grit Sisal/cotton Soft - medium Dry 8 7
ADV2 Cut/colour 320 grit Sisal/cotton Medium Greasy 7 7
Sunshine Cut/colour 320 grit Sisal/cotton Soft - medium Medium 7 8
Hero Cut with colour Sisal/cotton Hard Medium 7 8
Sirius Bright finish Delta Medium Greasy 4 7
Chromax Green Deep colour Optal Hard Greasy 2 9
Mirrormax Glossing Optal Soft Greasy 1 10
For auto polishing of Exotic Alloys we recommend the following liquids and auto feed bar.
Product Description Cut Colour
Orion Cut & colour high rake 7 7
Chromax Green Mirror finishing 3 9
Auto cut Bar for auto feed heavy cut 9 2
Auto SS1 Bar for auto feed medium cut 8 6
Auto SS2 Bar for auto feed cut / colour 6 8
Auto Fine 2 Bar for auto feed colouring 3 9
We have an animal free range for alloys that are used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.
Product Description Mop Hardness Grease Cut Colour
BG58 Grease for lubrication Belt Medium      
BG81 Liquid Grease for lubrication Belt Medium      
Abracut Cutting bar Sisal Soft Greasy 9 3
Medimax Blue Cut/colour manual bar Sisal/cotton Soft - medium Dry 8 7
Medimax White Finish for ferrous alloys Delta Medium Greasy 4 7
Chromax Green Colour cob-chrome Optal Hard Greasy 2 9
Medimax Yellow Cut/colour auto bar Cotton Soft Medium 7 7
Medimax Green Colour auto bar Optal Hard Greasy 3 8


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