Gelcoats are flexible polymers sprayed onto composite materials such as those that are used on boats and bathroom furniture.

The coatings are polished to provide a high quality finish and extra protection.

The gelcoats can be polished at the original application but also during refurbishment and restoration.

A typical sequence would be to sand using Dual Action or Orbital sanders from 600 grit up to 1000 or 1200 grit, then use Gelcoat Cut and Polish with a lambswool bonnet followed by Gelcoat Gloss with a lambswool bonnet.

Take a look at the tables below to find out more about each of them - View Table >

Gelcoat Material Information Table

Product Mop Cut Colour
Gelcoat Cut and Polish Lambswool 8 6
Gelcoat Gloss Lambswool 3 8
Cleaner / Degreaser Cloth    

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